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The Castle and Other Stories by Malobi Sinha

Eva is mesmerised by the mysterious Keven who is new in town...but little does she know the mysteries he really holds! Castles, and mixed adventures lie in wait for her... Louis and Simon get even with bullies with the help of a...fairy?

Now, the places beyond the Rushlands are stark and desert-like; no-one who has ever been there will say that it has ever been hospitable. There are dying carcasses of animals that unfortunately strayed there, and flies feast on their entrails... this is where Inder found himself.

Roobly is a friendly dragon, with his friends Wishy and Washy the squirrels. Nothing much ever happens in town, but suddenly one day there is a magician in town, and much activity by the lake. Soon, Roobly finds himself embroiled in adventures and surprises even himself! And then there are the stories of Angie who becomes a mermaid, just for a while...

A living dinosaur... and then Sudoth from Edoth is looking for his colleague Ikboth, and adventures lie in wait for them, and Amelia. And there are stories of Hri, the most powerful God with his love S’tara – until S’tara is snatched away by Roogge the evil and her soul damned by him. Hri enlists the help of his friend Kno’l and journey to hell to rescue S’tara – but will she ever be free?

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The Castle and Other Stories by Malobi Sinha

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