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The book is a compilation of articles written by the author where she takes a view on various topics ranging from the sacred to the profane. She has touched upon happenings of everyday life, such as people sitting in coffee shops, the social dynamics in a fun-fair, how childbirth ought to be painless for every woman, the domestic help in her family, as well as topics like fashion, make-up and glossy magazines, going on to delve into deeper aspects of religion such as whether God is for sale, and outlining her own personal beliefs and how they came into being. The book also has the author’s views on music, poetry and certain types of fiction. She has her own unique style of writing, ranging from tongue-in-cheek, to serious, to downright flippant and funny. She has something to say about a whole lot of things in life, and she says it forcefully, rather astutely, tickling the funny bone as she goes along – certainly an insightful and entertaining read!

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  • You'll get one EPUB, one KINDLE book and a PDF book
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The Armchair Critic

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